Ichiro Retirement

The first series to start the 2019 MLB season has come and gone. The atmosphere was electric to say the least!! Everyone was excited for the season to start and the Japanese fan base embraced it perfectly. Listening to their chants and reactions to different plays was something pretty unique in itself… I might just have to start watching more Japanese baseball. They really appreciate the game and the subtle nuances and they let the players know it. After the weird way Ichiro’s season came to an end last year I was hoping there would be a way for him to exit the game with respect and the way he deserves though I’m sure he could go without all of that. When the Mariners announced that Ichiro would be playing in the series in Japan I knew the writing was on the wall. I watched the whole series and honestly for the first time I saw his age affect him more than I had ever seen. I know he wanted to play much longer but deep down I believe he knew that he couldn’t compete at his full potential. My emotions were all over the place as I watched one of my idol’s somewhat struggle at times, but also the closing of one of the best careers baseball has seen. After a little thinking I honestly don’t think his career could have ended any better, back in his home country of Japan where his baseball career started, in a Mariners uniform where his career began in the U.S. Thanks so much for the memories, records broke, and the class you showed. There will never be another Ichiro Suzuki!!!

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