Sharing My Collection via Social Media and Update to the Site…

For those of you that have visited the icollectichiro site I say thank you! I’m very excited about the ability to share my collection and passion for the game of baseball with you guys! When I first started the site I went hard at it scanning, cropping, uploading, and sorting cards into folders by years. It was a ton of fun and I actually learned a few things about some cards that I had that I didn’t know before. That being said I’m very particular about my collection as most collectors are.  I wanted to my site to be easy to navigate and the images to look as good as possible! I wasn’t going to take short cuts and be disappointed with the finished product. With all of that said I’m pleased to say that the site will be 100% current very soon! Since starting the site I have been active on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. I haven’t been showing much of my Ichiro collection since I would like to have my site up to date before doing so, but I have posted a few items and a lot of my NON Ichiro collection especially on Instagram. If you like what you see and want to see more including my NON Ichiro PC please follow me on the social media outlets mentioned and as always you can find me as icollectichiro!  Thanks again for stopping by I truly appreciate it!!!!

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